Amazon Smile Work Around

Amazon-Smile-Logo[1]If you don’t already know, you can earn money for the school simply by shopping at Amazon! The Amazon Smile program donates .5% from every purchase to the charity you identify on your account. You can get started by visiting . Simply sign into your account and select your charity. Our school is listed as Friends of Portage Collaborative Montessori School. Please note that there is another Portage Montessori listed – please be sure to select the one labeled FRIENDS. Otherwise, we won’t know where the money goes.

One big bummer is that Amazon Smile purchases do not work when you buy through the app. Smile users have been requesting this functionality since 2013 and from what we gather, Amazon is in no hurry to make this work.


If you have an IOS device, there is a work-around! Here’s how:

  • Open Safari and type in the web address field at the top. AmazonSmile will open.
  • Touch the share button (looks like a box with an up arrow) to the left of the website address (it’s also on the bottom of the page).
  • Touch Add to Home Screen.
  • Touch Add.
  • You see from the screen shot of my phone – I now have an Amazon Smile “app” shown. Although when I click open, I just get the mobile version of the site that opens in a safari browser, which is fine by me!

YOU MUST REMOVE the old Amazon app from your iPhone and iPad so that you will always shop at Amazon through AmazonSmile.

  • Hold your finger on the original Amazon app until it wiggles.
  • Touch the black ‘X’ to delete the app from your iPhone/iPad. You will see an alert that your
  • Amazon data will be deleted. This will not delete your Amazon account or any of your wish lists or order history. It’s simply the data the app saved on your device.

Also, you MUST go to if you’re using a desktop (PC or Mac) to be sure PCMS receives credit.  You can’t just sign up for smile on your amazon account and purchase like usual.  Even though an account is signed up for PCMS, unless you’re logging into, PCMS will receive ZERO credit.

Alternate Ideas

  • If you have an android device or don’t want to go through the hassle of using this method – you can always just add your items to the cart on your mobile device and then wait (but who wants to wait these days) to check out using the desktop version. Sure – you might not get the immediate gratification of ordering that free-range organic blow dryer right this second – but I hear that patience is a virtue (or something like that).
  • We’ve also been told that you can contact Amazon via phone or email after you place your order and ask that your purchases be attributed to your Smile account. I’m not sure how often they’ll let you do this – but we know that it has worked for others in the past.