Moving 4 Montessori

Moving for MontessoriGet ready to get moving at the annual Moving 4 Montessori fundraiser! On Friday, May 11th, our children raise money for the school while walking or running laps. Challenge your family to sponsor your run and the school by making a one-time donation prior to the event.

Forms were sent home via backpack mail and donations can be made via cash, check or PayPal. Use the form below to donate online via PayPal now to Moving 4 Montessori.

Student Name (required)

Class – you can select more than one teacher by holding down the Ctrl key (required)

Sponsor Name (required)

Sponsor Email (required)

Moving for Montessori

Donation Amount (you will be taken to PayPal to complete your donation)


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PCMS Craft Shop Hop Vendor Registration

Thank you for registering for the PCMS Craft Shop Hop!

November 11, 2017

9am – 3pm

In addition to the vendor registration fee, we are asking for a contribution to our raffle baskets valued at $20. Thank you!

Your Name: (required)

Your Email: (required)

Your Phone Number: (required)

A brief description of what you’re selling: (required)

Do you have your own table? (required)

You will be taken to PayPal once you hit the submit button. Please enter the amount based on whether or not you have a table. If you have your own table, the fee is $20. If you need a table provided for you, the fee is $30. Payment must be made in full in order to secure your space.


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Play with Clay


Would your child like to play with clay? Does glazing sound amazing? Then please join us for Clay Play Days! Each week, students will learn various methods of clay handling, forming and glazing. Each registered student will complete a single project that can be taken home at the end of the three week session. The cost is $35/student and includes instruction, clay, glazes, two kiln firings and a potter’s wheel demonstration.

Class instruction is brought to you by Tia Jameson of New Creations Art & Education, LLC. Tia is a licensed K-12 art teacher and is excited to bring this new hands-on program to PCMS students.

SESSION 1 (GRADES K-3) | April 7, 21 & 28

SESSION 2 (GRADES 4-8) | May 5, 12 & 19

Class sizes are limited to 18 students per session so be sure to get your registration in today! Students who have taken the course previously will be able to create a new project!

To register and pay please visit: and click on “Shop” OR pay with cash or check by sending payment to the school with your child’s name, which session they are participating in and your contact information.



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Amazon Smile Work Around

Amazon-Smile-Logo[1]If you don’t already know, you can earn money for the school simply by shopping at Amazon! The Amazon Smile program donates .5% from every purchase to the charity you identify on your account. You can get started by visiting . Simply sign into your account and select your charity. Our school is listed as Friends of Portage Collaborative Montessori School. Please note that there is another Portage Montessori listed – please be sure to select the one labeled FRIENDS. Otherwise, we won’t know where the money goes.

One big bummer is that Amazon Smile purchases do not work when you buy through the app. Smile users have been requesting this functionality since 2013 and from what we gather, Amazon is in no hurry to make this work.


If you have an IOS device, there is a work-around! Here’s how:

  • Open Safari and type in the web address field at the top. AmazonSmile will open.
  • Touch the share button (looks like a box with an up arrow) to the left of the website address (it’s also on the bottom of the page).
  • Touch Add to Home Screen.
  • Touch Add.
  • You see from the screen shot of my phone – I now have an Amazon Smile “app” shown. Although when I click open, I just get the mobile version of the site that opens in a safari browser, which is fine by me!

YOU MUST REMOVE the old Amazon app from your iPhone and iPad so that you will always shop at Amazon through AmazonSmile.

  • Hold your finger on the original Amazon app until it wiggles.
  • Touch the black ‘X’ to delete the app from your iPhone/iPad. You will see an alert that your
  • Amazon data will be deleted. This will not delete your Amazon account or any of your wish lists or order history. It’s simply the data the app saved on your device.

Also, you MUST go to if you’re using a desktop (PC or Mac) to be sure PCMS receives credit.  You can’t just sign up for smile on your amazon account and purchase like usual.  Even though an account is signed up for PCMS, unless you’re logging into, PCMS will receive ZERO credit.

Alternate Ideas

  • If you have an android device or don’t want to go through the hassle of using this method – you can always just add your items to the cart on your mobile device and then wait (but who wants to wait these days) to check out using the desktop version. Sure – you might not get the immediate gratification of ordering that free-range organic blow dryer right this second – but I hear that patience is a virtue (or something like that).
  • We’ve also been told that you can contact Amazon via phone or email after you place your order and ask that your purchases be attributed to your Smile account. I’m not sure how often they’ll let you do this – but we know that it has worked for others in the past.
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PCMS Parent Volunteer Opportunities

One of the best ways to get to know your child’s school and to meet other parents is to volunteer.  Please consider signing up to help in some way.

Even if you are a “regular” helper with an activity, please fill out this form.  We do not want anyone to get overlooked.  Please mark all areas of interest.  If you would like more information, please indicate on the form.  Also, please make a note of any questions you may have and special talents or interests you would like to share with our PCMS community.  THANK YOU!

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone Number (required)

Name of PCMS student

Please select the areas you wish to assist with.

Please let us know if you have questions or if you have any area of talent that is not listed but could be an asset to our school community.

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Top Ten Tips About PCMS

Welcome to the adventure of being a parent at Portage Collaborative Montessori School! We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join this dynamic, diverse, and wonderful community! As the 2016-2017 school year gets underway, we are happy to share with you our Top Ten Tips About PCMS. We hope this  information helps you navigate the first days and months at PCMS.

Attend Parents’ Night on Thursday, September 8th:

Parents’ Night is a fantastic way to better understand Montessori, PCMS, and what actually happens in your child’s classroom. This event is for parents/guardians only, please make other arrangements for children.


  • If your child is in Primary (Preschool-K) or Upper Elementary, plan to attend the 5:30-6:00pm segment in your child’s classroom.
  • At 6:00pm in the multi-purpose room, Friends of PCMS, our all-volunteer parent board, will give a short presentation and share ways to get more involved with this awesome community.
  • Lower Elementary and Middle School parents will meet with teachers from 6:30-7:00 pm in their classrooms.

School Email and Facebook group:

Your student has a PCMS email account. This is our main form of communication as we work to become paperless and reduce our environmental footprint. Please plan to check this daily (see the details that were mailed in the beginning of year packets). For safety and privacy, restrictions have been put in place on these school accounts. PCMS email addresses cannot send messages to non-PCMS email accounts, nor can they receive messages from non-PCMS email accounts.

An “unofficial” but great place for news and information is the parent/guardian Facebook group, “PCMS Family Chat.” Search “PCMS Family Chat” and ask to join. Here you’ll find informal questions, news, promotions, and photos from our parent community.


Looking for details about the school, updates, the calendar, forms like lunch order forms and medical authorizations? Looking for opportunities to pay certain fees through PayPal?  The PCMS website/blog is a great place to check.
And keep checking the website throughout the year as more features may be added!

Pick up and drop off details:

Getting to know the routine of a new place can be confusing! Check out the details below to help the transition to the classroom flow smoothly for both you and your child.
Primary Arrival Procedures

We have two ways to arrive at your child’s classroom door in the morning. The first way is to walk in with your child and escort them to the classroom door. Please enter at  Door #2. There will be a staff member at that door to let you in as it is normally locked. If you arrive after 8:00am, you will be required to use the main entrance (press the buzzer on the wall to the right of the door to be let in). You will need to escort your child to their classroom; however, please be aware that we begin our day promptly at 8am, so we encourage a quick goodbye, so as to not disrupt our morning.  Primary parents are welcome to walk to the classroom door, but parents of children in 1st-8th grades should say goodbye at the top of the hallway that leads to the classrooms to minimize distractions in the morning routine.

If your child (or you!) is struggling with separation, please discuss a plan with your child’s teacher to help. Children are quickly distracted once they arrive — please don’t worry, those tears of separation are often short! A crying child who sees family after already separating may become more upset.  Please walk just around the corner while the child is distracted and wait until the teacher peeks out with a thumbs up. Remember, if your child sees you, he or she may get upset again. Our primary teachers are experienced (and are parents themselves!) and have creative ways to make this transition as smooth as possible.

The second way to arrive is our car line. Many families find this to be convenient and can help with separation. The car line forms outside of Door #4. You will see the line and can pull in behind the last car, following the line around. The first car needs to pull up to the end of the sidewalk and all cars behind follow. When the cars are stopped, an adult will safely escort your child from your car to their classroom.

For PM students, Door #2 remains locked, so please enter enter through Door #1 or use the car line.

Primary Dismissal Procedures

We have two ways to dismiss. You can come into the building to pick up your child by using Door #1 and walking down to the parent pick up sign. An adult will walk your child to you.

You may also use the car line for pick up. It flows just like arrival, but an adult will help your child into the car.  Please know that we cannot buckle your child for liability reasons. If your child needs help buckling, please pull forward to an empty parking spot and assist them.  For AM pick up or PM drop-off, please be aware that this happens during recess time for our older students.  They love the basketball area, so please pull into the car line on the left side of the yellow side and not in the basketball area.

Primary Parent/Child Experience Night, October 12th:

Plan to attend the annual Parent/Child Experience as an opportunity to learn more about what your student is doing each day, as they proudly show you around their classroom. There are two time slots, from 3:15-4:15 pm and from 6:30-7:30 pm. If that date does not work for your family’s schedule, or you want to learn more throughout the year, please touch base with your child’s teacher for alternate arrangements. This is an opportunity for your child to share his/her environment with you.  If you have questions or concerns for the teacher, please ask the teacher to set up a different time to talk.

Additional parent/student opportunities will be held throughout the year:
Lower Elementary Parent/Child Experience Nights:

  • October 19th – 6:00-7:00 pm
  • April 13th – 5:30-6:30 pm

Arts and Academics Night for Upper Elementary:

  • Thursday, April 13th – 6:30-7:30 pm

Get involved!

There are many ways to get involved, and PCMS needs and wants your help! From planning events to helping in the library to being a part of fundraisers and so much more, there is a way everyone can help.

As the school year gets started, keep an eye on your email for a packet of information about volunteering, and that same info will be available in hard copy at the office.

Be on the lookout for fun events throughout the year for the whole family!

One great event to get acquainted with the PCMS family is monthly skating parties, fun for parents and students alike. They are a great way to learn to skate and get to know your child’s classmates, parents, and teachers. And it’s ok if your student doesn’t know how to skate, many others are learning as well. Parents and older students are also often happy to help!
Our fall and spring festivals are full of family fun and friends to meet, and there are a lot of other events throughout the year to consider. The middle school holds several events as fundraisers for their annual end of year adventure trip, such as the back to school bash, spirit wear sale, and delicious pasta dinner in the spring.

Program Fee

While PCMS gets funding from our collaborating districts, certain programs like music, art, KidFit, the library, and other needs are fulfilled by parent support. In the past, numerous fundraisers have been used. Beginning with this 2016-2017 school year, in response to feedback from the community, these fundraisers have been replaced with a $50 per kindergarten-8th grade student program fee. One hundred percent of this fee goes to the school and covers the costs of these enrichment programs for our students.

Additional funds will come from existing ongoing programs, like our annual walkathon, Moving 4 Montessori; community restaurant nights; box top collection; book fairs; and our largest opportunity, our annual spring fundraiser. This one is so big it needs its own point, see below!

Spring fundraiser

Our annual fundraising event is so amazing that it deserves it’s own point! Each year, the Friends of PCMS hosts an adult-only event designed to raise money to support the art and music programs at PCMS. Previous events have included live entertainment, live and silent auctions, as well as amazing raffle baskets. This year’s event is going to be just as spectacular, so look for more details as the school year goes on, and plan on attending! Better yet, plan on volunteering!

The school is like a big family!

Have a question? Our parent community is friendly and helpful! If you want to learn more about anything mentioned above, our school, your child’s classroom, or Montessori generally, just ask a fellow parent!  If they don’t know, they can help you find someone who does.

Our older students are especially helpful and involved in the school. Multi-age groupings are a hallmark of the Montessori Method and our upper elementary and middle school students can often be found reading stories or giving lessons in your child’s classroom.  Don’t be surprised if your child talks admirably about these superstars.

And, of course, your child’s teachers are wonderful resources, as is Lisa Groves, our amazing school secretary!

Again, welcome to the PCMS community! We’re so glad you’re here.

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2017-2018 Program Fee

Hello PCMS Parents,

Welcome back! We are all looking forward to another exciting year at PCMS. Last year we implemented
a program fee to offset the costs of programming in our school community. This change was based on
feedback from the community. This turned out to be a very welcome and successful adjustment.

We are pleased to announce that for the 2017-18 school year, the Friends of PCMS Board will continue
with a $50.00 per student program fee for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. This fee
supplants the need for miscellaneous fundraisers that detract from our focus of child development.

Unlike Canton Montessori and many other Montessori programs, we are fortunate to enjoy a tuitionfree
Montessori education. It is quite a bargain! The reality, however, is that in lieu of our sale-oriented
fundraisers, this program fee is necessary to deliver the quality programming that each child at PCMS

This $50.00 program fee will be used for:

  • Kid Fit
  • Music Education
  • Art Education
  • Other enrichment programs

We will continue to host a spring fundraiser and Moving 4 Montessori because these events are part of
the fabric of our PCMS history and build our community. We will also continue to organize events that
promote family interaction, such as restaurant fundraisers and skate night, in which participation is
entirely optional.

The program fee will be collected at the beginning of the school year. Payment can be made by check
or cash in the front office or online using the form below. Online payments are subject to a small processing fee that has been included.

We look forward to another great school year at PCMS – one packed with education, enrichment, and
growing young minds.

Thank you!
The Friends of PCMS Board

Number of Students
Student Name(s)

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Yearbook Sale

Yearbooks are a fun way for our kids to celebrate the memories of their time at PCMS. Whether they are getting ready to graduate and move on to another school, or if they are just finishing up their first year of pre-school, a yearbook will allow both the students and families to enjoy reflecting on the year.

Yearbooks are $16 each but PCMS offers a discount for parents who are ordering more than one yearbook.

Use the convenient online ordering form below to purchase your yearbook using PayPal or fill out a Yearbook Order Form and send it back to the school to pay with cash or check.

If you are ordering more than one yearbook, please list the names of ALL children & ALL teachers as the yearbooks will be passed out in each classroom.

Student Name(s)
Teacher Name(s)

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Art Speaks

12799047_1687377381520407_5891804606138178566_n[1]Your child recently participated in Portage Collaborative’s “Art Speaks” project in which they created artistic expressions through paintings on canvas. TheArt Speaks Project was brought to life by the Art Club of Walsh University, our wonderful art teacher Becky Taylor and volunteer parents. Your child’s artwork is now being displayed outside his or her classroom.

We are selling this artwork for your choice of the following:
A minimum cost of 8 dollars
A preferred cost of 10 dollars
A premium cost of 12 dollars

10% of the proceeds from the sale will be going to a local charity that provides school lunches to children in need. The remaining proceeds will be used for enrichment programs at PCMS including the art program.

Your child has given through his or her talents and through helping children less fortunate. In turn your child will receive the proceeds invested back into their school programming. This truly is an example of how “in giving we receive”. Therefore art speaks through expression, though giving and through receiving.

You can pay the school office directly with cash or check (made payable to Friends of PCMS) or you can send it in with your child to school or DONATE VIA PAYPAL today!

Donation Amount

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