More About PCMS

What makes the school different?

Daily life at PCMSOn the surface, PCMS is different because the children remain with one teacher for three years in a mixed age class, and that teacher teaches all subjects except PE, art and music. The children spend most of their time working in small cooperative groups, mastering the curriculum. There are many more hands-on materials in the classroom than you might find elsewhere, and the children have free access to them on the shelves. The curriculum is individualized to each child’s ability and performance level. Looking deeper, the school is different because the main emphasis is on the social development of the child. The primary goal is for the child to become an independent learner who treats others with kindness and who acts responsibly in all situations.

Who can attend?

Students from any of the five districts in the collaborative are eligible to apply. That is, students from Jackson, Lake, Plain, North Canton, and Canton City attend our school. Enrollment is based on the number of openings allotted to each school district, and openings are limited.

Is this school just for special students?

No, this is a public school, open to all students. Average students do just fine. Gifted learners do very well as they can zoom ahead. Students with mild learning problems usually do well, as we are able to make some accommodations for their needs and provide some special education services. Self-control, self-motivation, and an ability to filter out distractions ARE necessary for success here, as the children are working in small groups most of the day and are free to talk and move about the room as they work.

Can children enroll at any age?

No. It is best for a child to enroll as a preschooler. Children who have attended other Montessori preschools are welcome and make an easy transition to our preschool and first grade. Special care must be taken when enrolling an elementary child after first grade, especially one who has not been in Montessori school before. If is often very difficult for children to adjust to the high degree of self-control, responsibility, and independence that is required for success in a Montessori classroom. Children can enroll up to 2nd grade with no previous Montessori experience.

How do students get to school?

Most school-age students ride buses provided by the school district from which they come. Preschool students may be transported by parents, or, depending on the school district they live in, they may be transported by bus.

Do you have child care?

No, we do not sponsor any childcare at our site. The YMCA in each school district offers before and after school programs as do many private childcare programs.

How much does it cost?

This is a public school sponsored by the six districts in the collaborative. Kindergarten, elementary, and middle school children attend free, as in any other public school. There is a tuition charge for preschool, payable monthly. Please contact the school for current tuition information.

How can I enroll my child?

First, determine if your child is eligible to attend by reading the information on this website, or by contacting the school. You can call the school at 330-966-1912 to arrange a visit. When you visit, you will be given information on enrollment, tuition for preschoolers, and waiting list details.

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