Parent Teacher Conferences – Fall 2016

Please sign up for a 20-minute conference slot with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) on either Thursday, November 10th or Tuesday, November 15th.  Please sign up with the student’s name.

[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”32″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”France Conferences Fall 2016″]


[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”33″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”Rimmele Conferences Fall 2016″]


[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”25″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”Allshouse Conferences Fall 2016″]


[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”29″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”Julian Conferences Fall 2016″]


[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”30″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”Vozar Conferences Fall 2016″]


[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”26″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”Angeli Conferences Fall 2016″]


[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”28″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”Gallik Conferences Fall 2016″]


[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”31″ date=”” group=”” list_title=”Wadley Conferences Fall 2016″]


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