Staff Appreciation Lunch – Tuesday, November 15th

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 15

Our annual Staff Appreciation Day is just around the corner so help us thank the faculty and staff for everything they do for our children. Please sign up to bring an item to contribute to our PCMS faculty & staff luncheon. This year’s event will take place on Tuesday, November 15th to coordinate with parent teacher conferences. Because of the busy conference schedule, the food donations serve as both lunch and dinner for the hard working staff.

Please bring your dish to the office on Tuesday, November 15th between 7:50 and 11:15 am—afternoon Primary parents can deliver food between 12-12:15 pm.

If your dish is best served warm, please consider serving it in a crock pot or bringing along a hot plate. Please label your dishes to make returning easier.

Each dish counts as one field on the sign up sheet. So even if your dish serves multiple people, please just choose one in the quantity field.

In addition to food items, several parents are needed to help clean up around 3:30 pm. Please consider signing up to help wash dishes and clean up the food tables. This is a big job for one person so the more people that can help, the better!

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