The Benefits of Montessori Education

You chose Montessori education because you felt it was right for your child. Let’s review some of the reasons why Montessori is a great way to educate children.

Your child learns at his own rate.

He/she is neither held back nor pushed forward according to the learning rates of other students. Because of the repetition built into the Montessori system, a child is allowed to work on something until he/she masters it.

Your child learns how to focus and concentrate.

Concentration is one of the foundations for learning, and we strive to structure the day so that a child’s focus is not interrupted as he/she works.

Montessori accommodates all learning styles.

Some children are visual learners, some are auditory learners, some learn through body movement and feelings, and some use a combination of several learning modes. Montessori teachers know how to support varied learning styles through hands-on materials.

Your child will learn the important skill of being a self-directed learner.

The Montessori classroom is carefully designed to ensure the child has the freedom to learn and to think for themselves at a rate that matches their ability to do so.

Your child will achieve independence.

Every aspect of the Montessori classroom is designed with the goal of independence in mind. The Montessori teacher encourages children to do things for themselves as soon as they are capable.

A Montessori classroom is a place where children learn order.

This provides the sense of security and comfort they need to become self-directed. The children are taught how to maintain this order because they need to take care of things that are shared. This helps them to learn awareness of others which is the basis of cooperation and respect.

Your child will be treated with respect and dignity.

Maria Montessori recognized that children deserve and need to be treated with the same respect that we treat adults. The Montessori teacher acknowledges that failures are opportunities for children to learn what went wrong and tries to help children find the path to a solution. The concentration is on the child’s self-esteem coupled with a focus on the rights of others.

A multi-disciplinary approach is taken.

The Montessori curriculum and the state standards provide the framework for instruction. In an effort to engage the child’s interests, subjects and concepts are taught using materials from all disciplines.

The benefits of Montessori education go far beyond academic learning.

The Montessori classroom instills and supports life-long attitudes and skills that prepare your child to successfully go in any direction that life takes him/her. You have made an excellent choice!

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